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Miscellaneous Services - Financial-District-10005/

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is a part of carpet maintenance. At Best Carpets NYC we believe in enhancing the durability of carpets. From daily high foot traffic, occasional moving of furniture and changing the setting of overall room these are all the reasons that cause carpets to buckle or get a wavy look.

We do carpet stretching after the complete removal of furniture, pulling it from all corners until it adjusts smoothly inside the parameters of the room. After that, we can also clean it for you, if you decide to. For precise results we advise you to not vacuum your carpets for 48 hours to let the carpet settle.

It is advised to get your carpets stretched and cleaned as soon as you see bumps to maintain their look. We provide two kinds of stretching; manual and power stretching. The first one is done for single room/carpet jobs and power stretching for large rooms.

Rug Patching

Is your rug cut? Did your pet rip a hole in your rug? We handle rug patching jobs daily. Such rug problems are the normal business calls that we handle on the spot.

Just give us a call to get your rug issues sorted. Our rug repair experts do the best seaming that won’t loosen for the rest of the life of the rug. Seaming and patching can sustain long term if done properly using high- quality threads. Best Carpets NYC is well known for providing these services at the most competitive rates with lifetime results till the rug is functional.

Our rug patching services are done by our employees and no subcontracting of jobs is done. This way we ensure consistent services every time.

Rug and Carpet Dyeing:

Best Carpets NYC provides rug and carpet dyeing. We can restore faded colors or attain an entirely different color for your rug or carpet. This is the best way to add back life to your old and worn-out carpets in a smart way.

The dyes we use are nontoxic and 100% eco-friendly. We treat commercial and residential rugs and carpets both damaged from liquid spills, pet stains, sun fading, and other spots. Every color is achievable by our experts, it’s a brilliant process of combing 3+1 primary colors to adjust the strength. We also restore and dye rugs due to flooding.

Rug Blocking

Best Carpets NYC does a fine job at equalizing rugs from all sides. Are you worried that the rug lost its shape and is uneven now? Well, it's normal to happen due to moving furniture back and forth, high foot traveling.

What we do is maximum blocking of rugs and hold it in that position inside a block frame. Then place high technology fans underneath the rug until it dries overnight. We repeat the whole process one more times if there is still room for more stretching. The result is worth it. Your rug will look great, like when you first bought it.

Pet Stains and Odors

Pet owners, don’t shy away from purchasing your favorite carpet or rug thinking about the maintenance. At Best Carpets NYC we take that responsibility. Our team of cleaning experts gets rid of dander, urine stains, dirty paw prints, and odor within one hour. If the stain is too far gone for cleaning we can have the colored restored.

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We provide services for both homes and businesses. We offer free estimates. Free pick-up. Free delivery. Same day service. Contact us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,646-437-2260, info@bestcarpetsnyc.com, or via our live chat.